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Very Funny – Making people fool with invisible rope prank

Some people play pranks to threaten someone and some play to make someone fool. But most of the time pranks are funny and entertaining. You can find so many prank videos on internet and all of those are very famous on internet and this video is one of those with millions of views. As i have searched on internet, i found videos about pranks have more views than others. This is the reason i am sharing this invisible rope prank video with you guys to entertain you and to make you guys smile.

This is the second video of invisible rope prank. This video features two guys pretending like they are holding a rope and blocking the road. They are standing at each side of the road and pretending like they are pulling a rope from both ends. When they see a car coming on the road then they pretend like they are holding a rope off the ground and driver in the car slows the car down and stops when he reaches near to those guys thinking there is a rope these guys are pulling from both ends. After watching carefully driver moves the car and those guys fall on the ground as they show the rope was broken by the car and they fell because of the pulling force applied by them.

When they see another car on the road then they again do the same thing, but this time they pretend like they have tighten the rope with a tree and a small pole at each side of the road respectively and they run away after blocking the road. The driver stops his car and comes out of the car to check the tighten rope. He tries to find the rope by waving his hand. When he finds nothing, he gets back into his car and moves it. Again on the same road they try to fool a bicycle rider. But the rider passes without stopping his cycle from off to the road. This is the last prank played by these guys in this video. Lovely music has been given by Kevin MacLeod as a background music. This video is really entertaining and funny at the same time. These two guys have done a great job in making people fool. The best scene in this video is when a car driver waves his hand into the air to find the rope and his reaction when he finds nothing.

Thanks for watching this funny invisible rope prank video and i believe this video entertained you a lot.

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Watch Super Mario Bros being performed live on the stage

Most of us have played a common video game “Super Mario Bros” during our childhood. Still whenever any kid starts playing video games, plays Super Mario Bros for sure during his childhood. This is the most famous game which i think everybody has played once. This game has been like an addiction to everyone.

Super Marion is a video game series by Nintendo and Super Mario Bros is the first game of this series. Mario is the star character of this video game series. The player who controls Mario character has to cross many obstacles coming in its way, collect points while hitting boxes and bricks, eat a vegetable to gain a life, eat a flower to get a gun, kill small enemies coming in its way, entering new stages and levels and entering into different levels to collect more points. The game starts easy and becomes difficult while reaching near the end in each stage. There is an option of selecting difficulty level as well in this game.

In this video the Super Mario Bros game is being played live on the stage during a festival. The idea was given by Gordon College. A man is playing the character of Mario, wearing white clothes. He moves his feet, pretends like he is running on a track and other men holding the things up well are passing one by one. They have created each and everything same as it appears in video game. It gives us the same feel as we feel while watching it on the screen. They show clouds, Mario collecting points, killing little insects with his feet and with gun bullets later on. They have shown Mario going to different levels to collect points through entry pipe like things. They even show the game speeding up. In the end they show the Mario finishes the stage successfully and is about to enter in second stage.

Audience is enjoying this live Super Mario lot and cheers and claps at the performance of all the artists involved in this live act.

Thanks for watching this amazing and entertaining video of live Super Mario Bros game and i hope you like it and if you have ever played this game in your life then share this video with your friends.

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Wonder How They Calculated The Landing?

There are so many amazing people living on this planet. One of them is a German engineer Bruno Kammerl. He built the biggest water-slide on earth. This video was first posted on internet in August 2009, since then, this video is racking up millions of YouTube views. In addition to the views, the video has received about 10,000 likes as well. It’s undoubtedly been a successful viral video.

It shows a man shooting down a water-slide, flying off a ramp and landing in a small tiny pool. Actually a German engineer Bruno Kammerl came up with an idea to built world’s biggest water-slide. A thin plastic sheet is paved onto the ground. Before the stuntman starts sliding on it, two men throw water on plastic sheet to make it slippery and friction-less. Teen stuntman slides on it and he flies off a ramp attached to the other end of plastic sheet, he travels long distance in the air and lands into a small padding pool safely, making it the biggest successful water-slide ever on this earth. After safe landing his friends congrats him for this amazing stunt.

People are enjoying this video but some of them are debating whether it’s real of fake. So let me tell you that all you doubters are right, it’s fake. The video has been edited, many clips are combined together to crate a final video. Beautiful editing has been done on this video to make it look like real. Actually this video was created as an ad for Microsoft’s Office Suite Project 2007.

There is one more clip on internet which i have not uploaded here, that clip shows the initial moments of this video that how it was made. The stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. The body which is flying through the air, is animated. And in the end when he lands into the pool, actually in reality, he jumped from the wooden ramp directly into the pool without flying through the air. So this is how the video was created. But besides all this, it became internet hit video. The video was actually created to promote Microsoft’s Project in Germany only, but when it was first uploaded on few websites, it got very good response, even more then expectation, later on this video was posted on many websites and it became very popular on internet all around the world. Anyways, it is a beautiful work done by their whole team. Instead of finding it’s reality, just enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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Little boy dancing at the Rascal Flatts concert

This little boy stole the show dancing at the Rascal Flatts concert. He danced on a beautiful song “Sexy and I know It” by LMFAO. Video featuring this little kid dancing is racking up millions of YouTube views. In addition, this video has received about 6000 likes as well. This little kid has already become an internet star and he will never forget that day. He is a natural born entertainer and people are loving it.

While standing on the stairs he is dancing like a rock-star. He is completely enjoying his dance and people sitting there all around are also enjoying his dance and cheering for him. Some people are capturing his moves into their phone cameras. He is like giving a fabulous performance as a professional performer by moving on the stairs and by involving the audience into his performance. Though his dance moves are not very perfect but he is completely stealing the show whit his rock n roll moves. He points his fingers towards the audience to involve them in his dance performance. People shout and cheer for him. This little boy is so adorable. I would say we are seeing a future entertainer here. He is already well on his way. I have seen so many little kids dancing so well and perfect but this may be the best thing i have ever seen. Because this little kid is so natural. He is not doing any professional dance moves but he is making people crazy with whatever he is doing.

The lovely track, boy is dancing at is from LMFAO. It is an American EDM rapper duo consisting of uncle and nephew Redfoo and SkyBlu. And Rascal Flatts is an American country music group composed of Gary LeVox (who plays as a lead vocalist), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, keyboard, piano, vocals) and Joe Don Rooney ( lead guitar, vocals). LeVox and DeMarcus are second cousins. They have released about nine albums till now. Their last album came in April 2012. On Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, all of their 26 single releases have charted within the top 20 or even higher. 12 songs reached to number one position and “Bless The Broken Road” spent five weeks in that position.

Thanks for watching this entertaining video featuring a little kid dancing at the Rascal Flatts concert and i hope you liked it.

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Fake beggar vs smart girls

This is funny Thai advertisement by Thailand Channel. It shows two smart girls revealing a fake beggar. The video was uploaded on internet few months back and people from all around the world are liking this funny advertisement. This videos has got about 52,000 views on YouTube and the numbers are increasing day by day. People are sharing this video on their websites as well.

Two girls are walking on a bridge pathway. They see a beggar without legs begging for money on that pathway. While looking at his legs it looks like that he is really handicapped. He is holding a bowl and ask for money while putting his head down. One of the girls takes her wallet out of her bag to give him some money, but the second girl stops her and asks her that she will give something to the beggar. She takes her wallet out, touches it with her forehead and places a lizard in his bowl. Beggar also touches it to his forehead to say thank you, and when he gets it down then gets scared after seeing lizard and throws the bowl down and immediately stands up on his legs. His fake half legs are hanging out of his half pant. He says something to the girls and walks away.

There are so many fake beggars asking for money. You might have heard about rich beggars. Begging has become a profession and people are making good bucks from begging. There are so many videos on internet about fake beggars, some of those are featuring beggars themselves giving their interviews. Besides fake beggars, there are so many other genuine helpless people begging on the streets but because of fake beggars, people are not even helping those genuine helpless beggars. Now people will become skeptic towards people who really have nothing in their life.

Thanks for watching this funny Thai advertisement video and i hope you liked it. And next time be careful while giving money to any beggar because there are mostly fake beggars sitting across the streets, so there is no use to help suck kind of beggars. On the other hand if you know somebody who really needs your help, always go ahead and help him, because after helping someone you will feel much better and you will get blessings from that someone.